Define complexity in the job

Job title

Use this form to define the job level based on the tasks typical for the job. The complexity of a job varies a lot and, therefore, the expectations for the employee's problem-solving ability vary as well.

The problem-solving ability of an individual is not determined by their educational background or work experience.

Select the activities that are frequent in the job. More than twice a week is considered a frequent activity.



Knowledge transfer





How much does it affect if the person makes a mistake in the job?

Two steps left! Evaluate the immediate and typical consequence of making human errors. Choose the most suitable from the options below:

The minimum score recommended for the job:

Below, you can find an example that shows how to enter the Criteria on the Master People Platform. In the figure, three points have been added to the minimum score.

Finally, assess the importance of the score in the overall recruitment decision and select the corresponding description (High/Normal/Low) from the top right-hand corner.